Dekor Banyo Aksesuarları Ltd. Sti. has been manufacturing brass, wooden and stainless steel bathroom accessories for Turkey and foreign countries since 1995. Among the products there are; Mirrors, Bathrobe hangers, towel bars, toilet brush holders, wire soap dishes and sponge holders, dispensers, toothbrush holders, countertop glass holders, apliques, bathtub handles, stainless dustbin. We always offer the difference of Dekor Banyo to our customers with our own design new models in the market. 20.000 pieces of monthly production of bathroom accessories are manufactured on a 2000m2 closed area with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. Most of these products have got chrome and satin plating. We can manufacture the demanded numbers of the customer orders. It is the mission of Dekor Banyo to provide the quality from the first phase of the production to customer support by aftersale phase.

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